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Giúp em tiếng anh vs ạ

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09:01, 07/02/2023

Em tham khảo nhé, chúc em học tốt
Bị động với động từ khuyết thiếu: S + ĐTKT + be P2
1. The problem could be solved
2. Your belongings may be stolen by thieves
3. This examination ought to be taken by grade 10 students
4. He may be defeated by her power of beauty
5. Traffic rules must be obeyed by all people
6. A new pair of boots for camping doesn't need to be bought
7. Customer ID and cellular phone numbers must be filled
8. The monthly sales target might not be achieved
9. The tickets would be sold online and offline where applicable
10. The discussion should be opened with a statement of different views.

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