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Điền this,that,those,our,ours<br />1. 1 Welcome to Singapore________ Is the cleanest country in the world. 2. 2 Do you see________Luggage over there? It’s 3. 3 ______people over there are going camping 4. 4 _________Is my mobile phone and __________is your mobile phone on the table over there. 5. 5 _________Smartphones here belong to Jessica and Her friends 6. 6 ________Gadgets over there are very expensive. 7. 7 Do you see_______workers over there? They are repairing the road 8. 8 ______Appliances are the newest. The old ones are over there. 9. 9 _____Car is not ______.It’s 100 meters from here. 10. 10 John, take_____. Folder and put it on the desk over there.  

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