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thời gian12:49, 26/05/2023
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Gia sư Hải Yến

12:56, 26/05/2023

Em tham khảo nhé, <br /><br /><br />What university do you study at? I study at KGU (Kyoto Gakuen University).<br /><br />What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time, I enjoy reading books and watching movies.<br /><br />What is your hobby? My hobby is playing the guitar.<br /><br />Where is your hometown? My hometown is in Hanoi, Vietnam.<br /><br />What is your favorite sport? My favorite sport is football.<br /><br />What do you do to maintain your health and what is your favorite food? I exercise regularly and try to eat a balanced diet. My favorite food is sushi.<br /><br />Who are your closest family members and friends? My closest family members are my parents and siblings. My best friends are from high school.

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